Earn and Learn is a unique program crafted to assist International students to secure a job in their chosen profession whilst still studying at University in Australia. These students are typically from wealthier Asian families, speak good English and intend to live in Australia long-term. They are keen to learn though real work, real jobs, and real challenges. They have the time and money to invest in their future in Australia.

Our program has used the Government’s Youth Pathways program as its model where employers are paid to train graduates. That program does not cater for international students so Earn and Learn was created to deal with that issue.

All Earn and Learn students are interviewed by our Human Resources specialists and are assessed in line with their ambitions and studies. We then place them in part-time roles that align to their studies. Earn and Learn pays the employer a training fee to cover costs of on-job instruction.

As an Earn and Learn employer you will get an employee studying a vocational diploma, a degree or a post graduate qualification in your profession or industry. They will work for you set hours from 12 to 20 hours per week. We will pay you their training fee quarterly in advance. We provide an on-the-job checklist of learning that is worked through with you to provide a practical outcome for all parties involved.

We provide a Mentor for their entire program to ensure that they better understand the Australian culture and work environment. For those whose English is in need of a little polish we provide a Buddy who is or has studied in the same field and whose English is extremely good and they can act as a refiner of any instructions. The Buddy will attend your business for the same hours as the Earn & Learn student so in effect you get 2-for-1 at no cost to your company. We also provide HR specialists to work on the on-job-training with your own team to maximise results.

Earn and Learn students would be treated like any part-time employee in your business and will be subject to performance guidance and feedback. If it is decided by you that the employee is not working out then Earn & Learn will organise for a resignation without repercussions.

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