Program Content – what do you get?

Students offered positions in an Earn & Learn program will get:

  • A paid work opportunity that aligns to their studies;

  • 12- 20 hours of real paid work per week;

  • A 12 month contract with options for renewal;

  • A work schedule that is coordinated with their studies;

  • A genuine part-time position that allows them annual leave, sick leave and study leave;

  • All appropriate superannuation and taxation payments made on the student’s behalf;

  • On job training provided by their employer;

  • Participation in a relevant nationally recognised training qualification (Certificate III or IV) in Leadership or business English;

  • A Group Certificate from the employer demonstrating a genuine job and payments;

  • A certificate of service from the employer;

  • Potentially a reference from the employer (subject to that company’s policies);

  • The possibility of potential sponsorship for a temporary Visa subject to performance, operational needs, and company policy;

  • Essential support from your E&L Consultant who works with you and the employer on your development;

  • Care and advice from your own Mentor to help with questions and issues outside of work and study;

  • Investment from our Australian Human Resources team to ensure your position is clear, correct legal contracts are in place, your performance is monitored and the employer training is undertaken;

  • Your own Buddy who is or has studied in the same field as you to help you with your English (only if that is needed), going to work with you, translating and interpreting where needed and helping you succeed;

  • Automatic membership of the exclusive Rising Dragon Alumni.